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Who we are

 Action Through Enterprise (ATE) is a small, dynamic, growing charity. Founded in 2012, it is one of
the only charities working with communities in Lawra District, in a remote, neglected corner of
Upper West Ghana. Our mission is to reduce poverty in Upper West Ghana through education,
enterprise and social change.

Where we work: The context in Lawra District, Upper West, Ghana
Lawra is a rural district situated in the region with the highest poverty incidence in Ghana, and
is home to just under 55,000 people. 83% of the working population are engaged in subsistence
farming, though food production is low, and worsened by climatic change. People in Lawra District
experience chronic food shortages during ‘the lean season’ (April-June) during which many families
can afford just one meal per day. The adult literacy rate is 19%, sitting far below the national average of 72%.
Against the odds, people in Lawra are striving to be able to provide for their families, to live
with dignity and enable their children to reach their full potential.

What we do
ATE works in partnership with the community to identify issues related to poverty and develop
solutions  to address them. Our aim is to reduce poverty and enable people in Lawra District to
support themselves and to thrive, through education, enterprise and social change.

ATE Projects
ATE is currently engaged in delivering three key initiatives:
1)   EducATE - A partnership with local government schools to encourage children to access and
complete their education through a school-feeding program, provision of basic educational resources
and health insurance.
2)   BizATE - Assistance to small business owners for sustainable income generation. This includes
an initial grant and ongoing training, advice and monitoring.
3)   Special Needs Awareness Program (SNAP) - Monthly support meetings for families with children
living with special needs to combat isolation and widespread discrimination, and attend  workshops
which equip parent-carers to engage and support their children to live healthy fulfilling lives.

Who we work with:
Action Through Enterprise currently:
•   Feed over 850 school children each school day
•   Reach 150 families with disabled children through workshops on a monthly basis
•   Have set up and provide ongoing support to 64 small business owners
•   Are funding and supporting 10 young women to learn their chosen vocation through an
apprenticeship  scheme

Your support
We can’t end poverty in Lawra overnight but with your support, and our passion and expertise, we
can extend the work we are doing to deepen our impact and reach more people struggling to improve
lives  for themselves, their families and their community. Your support is very much appreciated
and in a small organisation like ATE it goes a long way!

Registered Charity Number: 1149988 Fighting poverty in Upper West Ghana

How you can help ATE and the people in Lawra

Choosing Action Through Enterprise (ATE) as a charity that you would like to support, in any way,
could help us to raise vital funds and awareness of our work in Lawra. We are always looking for
people to help in many ways – practically, financially or through advice and guidance.

Financial donations are very gratefully received. As a small, but very dynamic, charity, we are
able to make excellent use of donations of any size, working with the community to create
measurable improvements in the lives of the people we work. With your support, we can reach more
people who need a helping hand, as they struggle to stand on their own two feet, in one of the
poorest regions of Ghana.

Some examples of how far your money can go:
$5.60 can provide free school meals to one school child for a month.
$126.00 can provide a special needs workshop for 150 families with disabled children.
$629.00 can set up a small business, with specialist training and ongoing support for one year.
Patience’s story

Having her disabled daughter with her when selling at her market stall in Lawra, Upper West, Ghana
often meant Patience would struggle to make enough money. People would come and stare at her
daughter. They would say that she is not human – she is a demon.
The ATE Special Needs Awareness Programme (SNAP) has helped people, like Patience, with disabled
children to be strong in spite of their struggles and to see their children for the gifts that they
are and change perceptions of disabled children in the community.

Through SNAP workshops parents are empowered to improve interaction and communication with their
children. Patience was encouraged to start teaching her daughter,
Michelle how to walk. Michelle is now seven years old, attending school and Patience beams that
“she wobbles all over but she can walk!”

Some of the mothers in the group, like Patience, also benefit from Action Through Enterprise grants
to start up and grow small businesses to support themselves and their families.
In 2013, Patience kick started her road-side snack business with an ATE grant which allowed her to
expand, try new things and maximise profit. By mid-2015 she estimated that she held ten times the
amount of the initial grant in savings, investment and stock.

For further case studies and ATE news see:
Find out more about ATE and how you can support at: or get in touch with Sarah
Gardner, Chief Executive, at or 07909091920.
Thank you!
Registered Charity Number: 1149988 Fighting poverty in Upper West Ghana

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